We’re a family owned & operated company with a focus on providing quality skin care products and a clear message to our exclusive customers. Our privately owned formulas have been refined over 40+ years of scientific research and development and have been unavailable for a direct to customer experience until now! Our products have been formulated with a natural approach to healthy skin for everyone by taking the knowledge gained from skin care industry pioneers, scientific research, and cutting edge technology. Family Photo

Skin care is for everyone
Skin care is about health and wellness
We’re changing the conversation about skin care


Our Philosophy

We believe your skin will respond best to natural botanical ingredients.  Our formulas are created for dehydrated, sensitive skin and are cruelty free, fragrance free or have natural fragrance. We have no sulfates or parabens in our products.

The Science

Scientific evidence proves that skin can become healthier by the restoration of wounded cells, therefore improving the appearance of aging skin.  Research shows the best way to achieve long-term results for healthy skin is by using a system of 2 or more products daily.  When products in a system are layered on the skin, the ingredients in each formula work together as a team to target and restore damaged skin. When the products are used together, over time, you may see greater results in healthy skin.

The Perfect Pump

Our airless pump jars allow you to access the right amount of product by using the Perfect Pump each time. The sealed jar prevents air exposure to botanical extracts, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.  This increases shelf life and reduces the risk of contamination. The airless jar works as a vacuum allowing for every last bit of product to be used efficiently with no waste. We know you’re concerned about hygiene, and the Perfect Pump airless jar is our solution for keeping your products free from excess germs you get when using an open air jar.

Product Sourcing

Our products are custom formulated by a team of cell biologists and chemists with premium ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. Our products are unique in that we procure botanically rich ingredients that are cold pressed at the time of harvest. This process ensures that we consistently have the highest quality of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that deliver the best results in our products. All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Customer Care

  • Please stop using any products that irritate or disagree with your skin
  • Please keep all products out of reach from children
  • All products are for external, topical use only
  • All our products are formulated for dehydrated sensitive skin. The Enlighten Eye Care system is suitable for all skin types. Products suitable for oily blemished skin include:
    • Softening Serum
    • Hydrating Mist
    • Natural Finish
    • Rosewater Gel

Contact Us

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