What is Holistic Skin Care?

With the rise in conversation around clean beauty, words like "organic" and "natural" are used in marketing to promote products as chemical free and non-toxic. But what does it mean to take a natural approach to reversing the signs of premature aging? And what is holistic skin care?

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Simply put, holistic skin care shares the same principles as functional medicine. By targeting the root cause of disease, you can prevent the long-term, damaging effects of premature aging. Generally, the beauty industry takes a Western medicine approach to skin care. Cosmetic procedures target the symptoms of aging with temporary results with no long-term plan to improve the health of the skin. Although cosmetic procedures have an impact on the appearance of aging, they fail to address the overall quality of the skin.

The benefits of holistic skin care:

  • Significantly improves the appearance of existing skin issues within days
  • Dramatically slows down premature aging
  • Protects against future damage
  • Targets the core needs of skin cells with botanical extracts
  • Less likely to need aggressive and pricier treatments to correct skin issues

Some of the symptoms of premature aging are dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, the appearance of large pores, and dull uneven skin tone. Premature aging is like a freight train that can gain momentum and get out of control. Environmental toxins are the #1 cause of premature aging, and over time, the skin’s ability to function decelerates, causing the skin to age faster than it should. Youthful skin naturally produces Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Acidic Water and also naturally sheds dead skin cells to promote a healthy cellular turnover. But, as we age, these natural functions slow down dramatically, causing the skin to lack the nutrients necessary to produce vibrant healthy cells.

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Holistic skin care offers a system of plant based products formulated to target the root cause of premature aging - to meet the core needs of the skin. Holistic skin care supplements the skin with the nutrients it needs but no longer naturally produces. Botanical extracts are familiar substances to the skin and offer therapeutic benefits to aid in the restoration of wounded skin cells. Holistic skin care focuses on prevention and plays the long-game for healthy skin.