What Are The Daily Essentials For My Skin?

Exfoliation | Softening | Hydration

Moisture | Repair | Protection

Your body needs the combination of diet & exercise to maintain long term health and fight disease. A combination of foods including protein, carbs, fats, and fiber coupled with a combination of exercises including strength, cardio, and stretching becomes woven into the fabric of good health. Health & Wellness looks at a system of factors to not only prevent disease but to extend the longevity and functions of the body. Your skin functions the same way! Preventing the signs of aging in your skin starts with laying the foundation of health. Your skin needs 6 essentials each day to thrive: Exfoliation, Softening, Hydration, Moisture, Repair, & Protection. When your skin is nourished with a system of botanical products, it activates the body’s natural restoration process by stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin cells and causing your skin to look healthier, younger, and more radiant.

Our philosophy for beautiful looking skin shares the same principles as functional medicine. Address the root cause for lasting results. You can have younger looking skin the natural way without harsh invasive chemical procedures.


Fine lines, rough texture, and the appearance of large pores are all caused by the accumulation of excess dead skin cells. When you are young, your skin easily sheds dead skin cells, but the problem is healthy cell turnover slows with age. This means after age 20 dead skin cells pile up on the surface of your skin and sit there causing the old, dead, and toxic cells to trigger the signs of premature aging in your skin. During new cellular turnover, the old, dead, and toxic cells send a message to the new cells that there is an unhealthy environment in the skin and triggers the onset of premature aging. The only natural way to remove years of excess dead skin cells is exfoliation through a gentile, non-physical, non-chemical exfoliation mask. EXFOLIATE | Morning Moisturizing Mask exfoliates, adds moisture, and cleanses your skin to reveal a brighter, healthier, and more radiant skin tone.

EXFOLIATE | Morning Moisturizing Mask


When you are young, your skin is soft and flexible like a sponge filled with water. As you age, environmental toxins and the buildup of excess dead skin cells cause your skin to become rigid, developing the texture like an old sponge that has lost its bounce. When your skin is inflexible, it can not easily release dirt and toxic cells or make a way for new, healthy cellular regeneration, and your skin becomes stiff like a dry desert ground. Botanical oils like aloe, avocado, and peppermint oil can penetrate and soften the layers of your skin preparing an environment for the absorption of vitamins and minerals necessary for repair. When it comes to premature aging, softening your skin is more important than cleansing it.

SOFTENING SERUM | Anti-Inflammatory Serum


When your skin cells are dehydrated, they are in a state of stress. Dehydration causes excess inflammation in the skin and triggers premature aging. Hydrating your skin with acidic water will promote the rapid repair of wounded skin cells and stimulate healthy cell turnover. Once HYDRATING MIST is sprayed on the skin, the human cell immediately recognizes the acidic water as a familiar substance and instantly absorbs it. The rapid absorption of acidic water enables the human cell to flush out toxins, hydrate the cell, and offer dramatic cellular repair.

HYDRATING MIST | Cellular Hydration


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural substance produced in the body, is abundant in your skin and connective tissue, and is found in the layers of our skin. Its main function is to retain water by locking in moisture. Think of the icing found between the layers of a cake. The icing holds the cake together and keeps the cake from drying out. This is how HA works in your skin. As we age, our skin makes less and less HA which causes your skin to dry out and form deep lines on your face. RESTORE | Moisturizing Day Cream is formulated with HA to add moisture to your skin. Plus, HA acts like a moisture magnet by pulling moisture from the air into the deep layers of your skin increasing moisture retention up to 400% within weeks.

Calming Night Cream is formulated with blue chamomile, white licorice, and safflower oil to soothe, soften, and lock in the moisture that was replenished during the day when using RESTORE. The combination of RESTORE and Calming Night Cream will ensure the perfect combination of replenishing and restoring moisture as a vital component to reversing the signs of premature aging.



After the age of 20, your skin loses 1% of collagen every year. Environmental toxins are causing your skin to age at a rapid rate. Poor diet, excess sun exposure, pollutants, and chemicals are causing your skin to go into a state of defense all day long. This stressful environment in your skin triggers the onslaught of premature aging. It's only a matter of time before the signs show up on the surface of your skin. Products with a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C, Peptide proteins, Amino Acids, and Retinyl Palmitate will stimulate the production of collagen and promote firmness and elasticity. These botanical ingredients are recognized by your skin and the nutrients create an environment for healthy, stronger cellular renewal. Over time, the compounding of this natural skin therapy offers stronger, healthier, more radiant looking skin.

REPAIR | Cell Repair Mask
RENEW | Vitamin C Cream



By now, we all know how important it is to protect our skin from the damaging UV rays from the sun, but your skin needs protection from so much more. Environmental toxins including nanoparticles in the air, dirt, and pollution cause wear and tear on your face. Think of a screen door. Have you ever noticed how dirty it gets over time? All that dirt and dust ends up on your skin, and if you don’t have a shield of protection on your skin, the toxins will cause your skin to break down and counteract the benefits of your anti-aging products. NATURAL FINISH | Tinted Moisturizer & Concealer gives your skin a veil of protection while smoothing out your skin tone. Formulated with Titanium Dioxide, a natural mineral, it will not only protect your skin from the sun but also protect your skin from toxins, fluorescent indoor light, and the blue light emitted from your smartphone.

NATURAL FINISH | Tinted Moisturizer & Concealer