A System For Your Skin

What is a skin care system, and why use one?  The benefit of using Whole Story products as a system will help dramatically decrease the signs of aging.

Here’s the Whole Story.

What is a system?

Merriam-Webster defines system as “A group of objects forming a network for serving a common purpose.”  For example, a business has separate departments, each having a different role.  But if one department doesn’t succeed, the business may fail. The same is true in sports, a quarterback can’t win a game on his own.  The offensive and defensive players each have their positions on the field, and they work together as a team to win.

Your body works exactly this way!  The human body has 11 separate systems working together to keep it functioning properly.  Each system has a specific purpose, and if one system fails, the body will break down.  Your skin is the largest organ of the human body and part of the integumentary system.  Each product in Essentials | Daily Routine has been designed to address the needs of your skin: exfoliation, hydration, moisture, repair, and protection.

Why use more than one product?

Advertisers don’t want you to know this, but the use of one “miracle product” doesn’t work! When the ingredient list becomes excessively long, the active ingredients in your product become less effective. You gain better results when a product has a list of 10-15 quality ingredients, because there is a higher potency to give you the benefits your skin needs.

Science has proven there are no sustained benefits when using just one skin care product.  Each product teams up with the other products in the system to work together and restore your skin.  The process of layering on Essentials | Daily Routine will help dramatically decrease the signs of aging.

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