Is Your Skin Care Effective?

There’s a myth around clean beauty that suggests that the simple removal of toxic ingredients automatically ensures the product is effective in reversing the signs of premature aging. While removing toxic ingredients is a good thing, there’s more to effective skin care.

In order for skin care to be effective, it should dramatically prevent and reverse the signs of premature aging. Do you know what counts to make your regiment effective? Here are the top three things you need to be looking for:

  1. Formulation: First and foremost is the quality of active ingredients. Look for the highest percent of plant-based, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are formulated to work together to target the root cause of premature aging. Keep in mind that not all products are created equally. Just because Vitamin C or Chamomile is listed on a product it doesn’t mean the ingredient will go into the layers of skin and do what it promises it will do.
  2. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients: These are ingredients that have a high percent of volume per active ingredient. Visualize two jars of liquid. The first jar has skim milk and costs 5 cents per ounce. The other jar is filled with heavy cream and costs $50 dollars per ounce. The jar with the heavy cream has more potency than the skim milk which is far more diluted in volume and costs less. This is how active ingredients work in your skin care. The formulas that are going to activate cellular renewal and provide lasting results have the highest percent of pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts.
  3. Plant-based: Botanical extracts deposit vitamins and minerals deep into the skin stimulating cellular regeneration long after the time of application. The beauty of effective skin care is that it should continue to work to nourish and revive skin cells hours after its applied. Beware of products that shout “clean skin care” and “all-natural.” If sold over-the-counter, it’s more than likely that these cosmetics contain synthetic ingredients and include a diluted form of botanical extracts.

Next time you’re shopping for new products, while prices may be attractive in the drugstore beauty aisles, the effectiveness of these products is almost always a gamble.

At Whole Story, we’re transparent about our ingredients and our formulation processes, too. We offer the highest percentage of plant-based, pharmaceutical grade ingredients formulated to target the root cause of premature aging.

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