The Whole Story about Inflammation

If your skin cells could talk, they would say “I’m thirsty!”

Dehydration → Inflammation → Sensitivity → Accelerated Signs of Aging

Scientific research suggests our skin is aging at a more rapid rate than our parents and grandparents, and the number one cause points to excess inflammation caused by cellular dehydration. Skin cells become dehydrated when the body produces less acidic water in the outer rim of the cell, and as we age our bodies produce less acidic water.

Excess inflammation is the body’s natural response to cellular dehydration. When the skin is inflamed, dehydrated cells think they are under attack, and they go into a defensive state.  This defensive state leads to skin sensitivity. 75% of Americans suffer with skin sensitivity. Signs of sensitive skin may include tight skin, redness, flaky, and shiny skin.

Have you ever gotten out of the shower, the pool, or the ocean and experienced your face feeling tight? That’s Sensitivity!

Sensitivity is the unhealthy environment that sets the stage for the skin to start aging at a more rapid rate, sometimes up to a decade older than your actual age.

Can I just drink more water? It’s not that easy. Contrary to the popular myth, you can’t drink enough water to hydrate your skin at the cellular level. To combat cellular dehydration, the cell needs more of what it naturally makes, which is acidic water. Whole Story’s Hydrating Mist is 100% acidic water.  The normal size of the H2O molecule is too large to penetrate the skin and actually contributes to the problem of skin dehydration. Whole Story’s Hydrating Mist is a product with an H2O molecule that has been re-engineered to make it small enough for the human cell to recognize it and absorb it. Once the skin cells absorb Hydrating Mist, they will go to work to repair damaged skin cells.  If your skin cells could talk, they would say “I’m thirsty!”

Keeping your skin cells hydrated is essential to healthy skin for years to come. For maximum benefits use Hydrating Mist with the Essentials products in your morning and evening skin care routine. 

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