Environmental Toxins & Premature Aging

Environmental toxins can cause your skin to look older than your actual age

The scientific term for premature aging is photo aging. This is when your skin shows advanced or excessive signs of aging at an early age. Eighty percent of the signs of age on your face are the result of photo aging. Premature aging is caused by repetitive exposure to UV radiation (sun exposure), pollution, blue light (emitted from smartphones) and lifestyle choices, like poor diet and tobacco smoke.

Photo Aging is the result of over-stressed skin cells working to fight off toxins

Your skin is the first barrier of defense between the environment and your body. Up to 70% of toxins in the body are released through the skin. Have you ever cut into a piece of fruit, like an apple, banana or an avocado, and left it on the counter for several hours? What happens? When the fruit is exposed to the air and no longer protected by its peel, it starts to brown. This is an example of oxidation, and the same thing happens to your skin when it's not protected from environmental toxins.

When the skin fails to resolve oxidative stress, more inflammation is created, causing a response with premature aging. Inflammation pushes toxins out, excess inflammation has to push too many toxins through skin manifesting itself as redness, pimples, blotchy, and excessively tight skin.

Inflammation is the match that lights the fire to premature aging

Premature aging can cause your skin to look up to 10 years older than your actual age. The good news is that this is easily preventable and, in many cases, reversible. Holistic skin care aims to target premature aging by matching the natural functions of the human cell to meet the core needs of the skin (see "What Are The Daily Essentials For My Skin?") and diffuse the aging process. Targeting excess inflammation is paramount when it comes to slowing the aging process.

ESSENTIALS | Daily Routine & ENLIGHTEN | Eye Care System are formulated to target the root cause of premature aging. When the products in each system are layered on the skin a synergy takes place to nourish the skin and activate the regeneration of new healthy skin.