Collagen • Elastin • Moisture

Wrinkling, sagging, and dry skin are caused by the combined loss of Elasticity, Collagen, and Moisture in the skin. Collagen & Elastin are proteins that work together to give skin its firm shape. Elastin's fibers are like a rubber band that stretches out and returns back into place; this gives skin its bounce. With age, Elastin's fibers weaken, and just like an old rubber band that loses its stretch, the skin can’t return to its original shape. Collagen gives skin its plump, youthful appearance, and without Collagen production, skin will sag. You lose 1% of Collagen in your skin every year after the age of 20.

ELIMINATE | Age Defense System is a 3 product system, formulated to work in harmony with the skin’s natural restoration process and address the root cause of aging skin. Harness the power of using this 3 product system together daily, and you will see the compounding benefits of the ingredients working together to restore the signs of aging.

Loss of Elasticity

Elasticity is considered a marker of overall skin health. As we age, calcium builds up in the cross bridges of the skin. Calcium minerals do not dissolve on their own, they accumulate in the fabric of the skin and over time contribute to the degeneration of Elastin. REPAIR | Cell Repair Mask is an amino acid mask formulated to repair, nourish, and soothe the skin. Histidine, an ingredient in REPAIR, is an amino acid that clears a pathway in the cross bridges of the skin by gently dissolving calcium deposits. REPAIR is a daily 10 minute mask that works to regenerate the skin and address the root cause of loss of Elasticity.

Loss of Collagen

Vitamin C stimulates the production of Collagen. RENEW | Vitamin C Cream is formulated with a type of Vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Palmitate (MAP). MAP is best for dry & dehydrated sensitive skin. MAP is clinically proven to have the least irritation while stimulating the production of Collagen, increasing healthy cell turnover and brightening the skin.

Vitamin C Serums are popular, but the problem is, a serum is formulated with tiny molecules that penetrate to the base layer of the skin. That is not where Collagen is produced. When it comes to stimulating the production of Collagen, you want the rich Vitamin C to lace through the layers of skin like icing in a cake. RENEW was created specifically as a cream, instead of a serum, to “encapsulate” Vitamin C into a bead inside the formula to get the full potency derived from the ingredients, ensuring maximum results.

Loss of Moisture

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural substance produced in the layers of our skin to retain moisture. As we age, HA becomes less abundant in the skin which causes tiny fiberglass connective tissues to dry out and break. This causes the skin to collapse and form deep lines on the face, neck, and chest. RESTORE | Moisturizing Day Cream is formulated with HA to replenish moisture in your skin. HA is like a moisture magnet. This potent cream is applied in the morning, and it attracts and pulls moisture from the air deep into the layers of the skin, increasing moisture retention up to 400% within weeks.

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